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We have a highly modern machine park which provides us the possibilities to: print, refine and package for retail even the most technologically advances works.


We use a video system with cross points or micropoints for assembly of printing plates. Modern cameras installed in this system allow for gluing photopolymers with so far unachievable precision.


We print with the use of a 8-colour flexographic modular (inline) machine in a UV or soluble technology (IR System + hot air). This machine is constructed in a gearless system with the application of a double system of servo motors, allowing for correction of overprint length, depending on the Client’s needs. Maximum print width is 520 mm at overprint repeatability from 254 mm to 600 mm. We can perform flexographic overprints on different types of surfaces, starting from thickness 12 µm.

With the use of modern systems, such as:

  • band cleaning system,
  • electrostatics supporting system (corona),
  • double anti-static system,
  • automatic fitting system,
  • automatic tension control,
  • automatic band guidance,
  • still image inspecting,

We ensure the maintenance of highest flexographic print standards and fulfilment of expectations of the most demanding Clients.

Our long experience in flexography as well as modern technologies enable us to meet the market demands and with anilox rolls (aniloxes) at our disposal, we can print images up to 175 lpi (70 lpcm). In practice, it means that the Clients can print any complex and graphically advanced pattern which could not be performed a few years back.

Additionally, our machine is equipped with:

  • a varnishing assembly, allowing for overprint protection and achievement of differentiated visual effects,
  • a laminating station which increases overprint resistance to mechanical and chemical damages,
  • a bending-blanking station for adhesive labels with a blanking scrap pick-up,
  • a cutting station with pneumatic circular tools.


Our company additionally has highly efficient machines for gluing and automatic shrink inspection. These machines can operate with maximum speed of 320 m/min which allows for performance of a glued band with width in the scope of 64-600 mm. Thus, the width of a glued sleeve can be from 30 to 280 mm.

The first of the aforementioned machines is used for gluing shrink sleeve labels. It is equipped in, e.g. a system of longitudinal perforation with a perforation wheel, a stroboscope for visualisation of an applied solvent, tools for forming a sleeve. It is exceptionally comprehensive which allows for application of different types of plastic materials (PVC, PET, PET-R) with thickness from 20 to 80 microns.

The second machine is used to reversing and controlling glued shrink sleeve labels. It allows for removal of defects on a reel (printing, rolling, tension defects). The application of a photo-electric sensor allows for automatic detection of leak in sleeve connection and its removal. This machine allows for wrapping a glued sleeve on cartridge cases 76 mm and 152 mm (3’ and 6’) with automatic travel to the right-left with maximum diameter of 750 mm.


Packaging for retail consists in cutting the band along into pieces with a specified band width.

Our machine, with its automatic sensors and meter, allows for packing products for retail according to the following parameters specified by the Client:

  • reel diameter,
  • weights,
  • band length,
  • number of singular label items

This machine allows for wrapping a material packed for retail on a reel with maximum diameter of 600 mm, on cartridge cases with diameters: 40 mm, 76mm and 152 mm. Each reel is equipped with an appropriate information label, allowing for the right product identification.

We invite you to learn about our offer of services based on flexographic printing.