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Flexographic overprints

Flexographic overprints
Flexographic overprints

Flexographic overprints

Atria Polska offers you overprints performed with a flexographic method on each type of surface, including: OPA, LDPE, PA/PE, PET, PETMET, PET/PE, OPP, PP CAST, BOPP, BOPP MET, PVC, PAP, PAP/PE, PAP/AL/PE.

Prepress, i.e. full involvement and expert advice

In our company, every project is treated individually and with full involvement. For this reason, we employ only experts who love their work. The team of our graphic designers can present long experience and excellent skills. Flexographic printing has no secrets for us, therefore, we can willingly develop a project for you which will meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. We also deal with processing and preparation prior to performance of photopolymer plates.

Flexographic print – Only best materials

Our priority is quality, therefore, we cooperate with companies which offer products representing high standards. We operate in collaboration with a plate preparation facility which guarantees highest quality polymers, allowing for overprint at tonal transitions up to 1%.

In addition, we perform flexographic print with the use of various inks: water-based, solvent-based or UV. Not only does it allow for full customisation of the project, but also achievement of high colour saturation of best quality and extraordinary aesthetics.

We perform flexographic printing in the form of an overprint on films as well as paper in 8 colours. The aforementioned UV inks allow for precise overprint, giving the final product a professional and modern design. We perform overprints with a flexographic method with string width up to 520 mm.

Postpress, i.e. complex support. We perform overprints with a flexographic method with string width up to 520 mm.

Our offer includes not only flexographic printing, but also a broad range of services connected with preparation of the product for direct use in the packing process. We also deal with:

  • folding and breaking film (making a centre-folded film);
  • laminating film (with this manner, we achieve multi-layer laminates);
  • packaging films and labels for retail;
  • overprint finishing with varnishes;
  • service of application and shrinking shrink sleeve labels as well as labelling PET bottles.

We invite you kindly to learn about our offer, including other services based on flexographic printing.

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