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Film bags

Film bags
Film bags

Film bags

We offer a broad selection of flat bags which are intended for packing different types of food and industrial products.

Our offer includes:

Barrier bags

These are bags of special use, employed for vacuum packing or packing in a gas atmosphere. They are used to extend the best before date of a packaged product. They are used to pack dairy products, meat and hams, fish, ready-to-cook products, spices, coffee, tea, sour products.

They can also be used for packing products which are subject to pasteurisation or freezing process. Bags are made from PA/PE or PET/PE films. The selection of films depends on a product type which is to be packaged.

We offer barrier bags:

  • transparent;
  • metal planting;
  • colourful;
  • with an overprint – external or interlayer.

Standard bags

These are plastic bags made from LDPE, PE, PP film which are intended for packing products which do not require any additional protection except for mechanical protection. These bags can be used for packing bread, pasta, cake, industrial products, clothes.

We invite you to learn about our offer including the other services based on flexographic printing, including printing shrink sleeve labels and overprints on film.

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